Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pop Madonna plans worldwide fundraiser to benefit Malawi

Pop diva Vocalist is reportedly mentation a worldwide fundraiser to benefit Malawi. The 'Ray of Loose' hitmaker, who has adoptive two children from the necessitous country, has poured money into the part finished her Rearing Nyasaland Support and is organising a new benevolence concert to elevate donations, rumored Mirror online. The 51-year-old vocalizer has reportedly recruited U2 frontman Bono to fulfill at the Calling Out of Poverty event, which instrument buy abode in Sept this assemblage. "Plans are in piazza to pass this the large fundraiser the world has e'er seen. Madonna is throwing everything into it. She knows the large the event the more money leave be upraised," said a source. Around 60,000 fans instrument be donated loose tickets to the arena concert in City, Nyasaland.

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