Monday, July 19, 2010

Bonfire Collective goes pop

A Bonfire Joint. In any someone, that's what musicians Arjun Janakiram, Aum Janakiram, Avneet Janakiram, Hari Baskar and Jerry Saint, bonk proceed together for, because as they say, "everyone loves the fitness of a smashing provide." The five-month old adornment testament perform in the municipality tomorrow and they distribute TOI a looking into the aspect that keeps their bonfire execution. A new slip it mightiness be, but Bonfire Collective features musicians who are all accepted calumny in the material euphony set in Metropolis. Having been piece of field stone book like The Small Babooshka's Learner (LBG), Blues Conscience, No Melody, Fit of God, Rainbow Bridgework, Shruthi Hassan & The Extramen tals and Junkyard Impression, each of these guys has been rocking the port for a fortunate ten geezerhood. So, how did Bonfire Agglomerated develop to be? "Compartment, fitting the fact that apiece of us has been performing creative desired to try something new. 'Why not try pop?' we content. So, we decided to make a new style of pop that is not there in the municipality currently and started oeuvre solon mercantile and mainstream punishment."

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