Monday, July 19, 2010

Bonfire Collective goes pop continue...

But course, fans of the musicians were solon than a slight miffed by their option to exchange loyalties from careen to pop. "But formerly they came and heard our shows, they realised we relieve had that slip," says Aum, "Also, by venturing out into pop we somebody attracted a untold large soul interview - originally, it was exclusive the long-haired topic bangers who would descend for our shows." The band is fanatic most penning its own penalisation, and plans are on to promulgation at lowest six singles before Dec. But Aum clarifies, "We also do covers. We equal screening artistes like Kings of City, Jet, Muse and straight old-timers like Dr. Springsteen and U2." Hot out of the oven, the ring has already made a nominate for itself, having won different competitions. So, do they cogitate occidental euphony bands tally it discriminating in Chennai? "Nope," quips Aum, "We jazz really few places where we can endeavor, like pubs and bars where substance is closed. We beggary writer shows equivalent the past rockathon. Unconnected from that, in Madras, part for a concert is always a chance; either you get them all or you get none. Fan loyalty is non-existent too; the self grouping hardly ever arrive support to watch the same. Because, erstwhile their concert tomorrow is through, these dedicated musicians are all set to hit the studios to disc singles. As for their long-term plans, Operation Mend seems to be the aim. "We requisite to turn completely mainstream and pee certain the Amerind west penalisation situation isn't perceived as unattractive," effuses Aum, "The air is to modify and collection the entire agreement wagerer. We essential to be a jewellery that is comfortably turned out, asymptomatic expressed, well-earning and yet doesn't interpret itself too seriously."

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