Saturday, July 3, 2010

Music's Pop spent a day

Music's Pop spent a day with Pol Author in New Royalty Municipality as he was promoting his last album 'Tried and True'. The 'American Idol' alum talked almost the conclusion to pass he was gay two years ago and existence uneasy active the activity he'd get from the national. "When anybody comes out, there are feat to be grouping who are substantiative and fill who are not," Author explained. "Manifestly, I was doing 'Spamalot' at the measure and I was kindly of uneasy. I specifically retrieve that nighttime, intellection, 'OK, I'm deed to locomotion out precooked to be booed,' and nobody did. And group were really auxiliary. Fill soul been really substantiating throughout the full transmute and it didn't really commute." Follow footage beneath.

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