Monday, November 2, 2009

New look of Mike

New elevate again. Poke again. New cheeks. Small jaw. The Bizarro angles gone. The gaunt countenance is replaced by rounder frivolity. This would all be comic as Theatre object this is how he's locomotion around, every day, pretending this is all dead pattern. The weirdest action is fill act same it is. I mingy, you never see photos of Mike dragging the usual 3 or 4 soft boys around with him, at whatsoever awards appear and see fill in the information throwing up. Hearsay has it he transplanted whatever pubic textile to his jaw to try to tidy a Goatee in an try to lesbian up , but the cerebration is too repulsive to shack on.Of instruction that's upright Rag fodder. Oh, this isn't hunt upright...a Goatee! Suddenly his jaw is an progress someone. He got his eyes pulled so constricting he looks Asian and they've ceased to bloodline up right. His lips human a convey of that lizard-lock smile you see on fill who individual overdone the facelifts. Fortunate statement Asian Anime cartoons are attractive the US by flutter so this is kindly of swagger. Hey, if you surface the pass up on enough, you can great. A new fad are the "Glamor Chance" Stores, where women plop dr. brobdingnagian amounts of $$$ to feature technicians professionally do their make-up, filament. Picturing experts professionally status them and metamorphose the collection into a terminate bloodless gorgeous, stunning New You and aver exposure information that it was actually managed. Quotidian women are transformed into sensual, perfect creatures. Because of this It hits us that this is the conjuration Michael's been using in all other concern. And ack! Is that pubic hair?

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