Friday, November 20, 2009

The Christmas Strain

In little than a year since the accomplishment of "Genie in a Bottleful," Christina has performed a opus with B.B. Queen and performed "The Christmas Strain" for Measure President on the TV special Season at the River Business (which led to an invitation by the Presidentship to sing on his Millennium TV unscheduled, but Christina had to diminish); she performed at MTV's New Year's Eve broadcast at Present Tract; performed a dance at the Caretaker Concavity Half Measure Demonstrate with Enrique Vocalizer; and she was the exclusive individual journalist at VH1's Men Impact Side special. The honors she has received include: titled one of the most fascinating women of 1999 on Ladies Institution Leger's TV unscheduled; received the honor for First Creator at the ALMA Awards, which honors the someone entertainers from the Hispanic-American dominion; and named one of People entrepot's hottest stars low 25. As for her bang aliveness, Christina has been allegedly linked to Enrique Singer, Fred Durst and MTV's Carson Daly. She was little than thrilled about Eminem's acknowledge of her "relation" with Frontiersman Daly and Fred Durst in his strain "The Echt Small Untrusty," and has publicly verbalized her feelings of repel towards the umbrageous rapper. She's now dating one of her circuit dancers, Jorge Santos, ostensibly actuation a Jennifer Lopez (or is it the added way around?).

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