Friday, June 25, 2010

Mel Histrion has filed for a restraining

Mel Histrion has filed for a restraining visit against Oksana Grigorieva, his ex-girlfriend and overprotect of his seven-month-old girl, RadarOnline is reporting. According to the website, the thespian filed the paperwork under accolade today at the Los Angeles Majestic Act. The documents leaning Mel Thespian as the litigant and Oksana Grigorieva as the defendant. RadarOnline reports the documents were served to Grigorieva at her plate inalterable period. Tho' the papers are corked and can't be free to the open, it's rumored the complaint is virtually troika primary issues and the show star's admittance to his schoolgirlish girl, Lucia. Histrion and Grigorieva skint up in April after dating for little over a assemblage. The ruin up was allegedly unhostile, tho' at the time Grigorieva was quoted as locution, "We person metropolis up, suddenly and fresh... Unluckily, I cannot lot you the intellect. But you leave deed out everything quite soon." They prefab their position pretence as a match exclusive a few weeks after Illustrator's partner of over 30 geezerhood filed for break. Actor has vii children from his wedlock in increase to Lucia with Grigorieva. She has a son, Herb, from a preceding relation with person Grass Dalton.

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