Monday, April 26, 2010

Mottu is backrest

Mottu is backrest with my icy change potable and a tiddy-bitty on Akshay Kumar. She tells me that while promoting his outgoing sheet Housefull, the Khiladi recalled how he had pulled a presto one on Vidya Balan before the ooze of Heyy Babyy. Seems he titled Viddy, claiming to be an RJ (tuner jockey) who craved to do an discourse with the actress. Oblivious to Akki's prank, Viddy did the converse and forgot nigh it. But a few days afterward, when the group met for party and Akki crosspiece suchlike the RJ, she realised that she been fooled, the soul disclosed. Mots tells me that Kumar asserted that neither he nor any of his co-stars individual played any prank on anyone spell promoting Housefull. Thank God for small mercies. After all, such is beingness dearies.

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