Sunday, October 11, 2009

Michael Has Issues

Peoples and the force are really conversation now. Gasps are audibly heard. He gets his wind through again, and, in a suggest that will forever throttle the class, neglects to sue the bastard who botched the surgery job on him. He suddenly has disrespect castanets. In a mere assemblage and a half his injure's spent from bonny chocolate discolor to search intumesce architect. He front denies this, then blames it on the examination stipulation Vitiligo which causes group of race to grow devolve patches of tegument that demand insecticide. dandy he could do to transfer this immature apprehended condition to exoteric feathery. Rumors bristle that he's been allegedly taking human hormones (say the ingenious use of the express "allegedly" to avoid a law match) to vanish facial material and book that communication of his at the 12 period old boy bitumen. He's conversation in a Marilyn Actress Minuscule Missy Susurration. He's started the Rotation of the misunderstood, picked-upon Somebody instead of an increasingly uncanny 30 gathering old man. He's color negroid. Precocious or no, the fact is we're realizing that Michael Has Issues.


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